Over 100 CNG-related items get duty and tax relief

ISLAMABAD (September 10 2003) : To attract investment in the CNG industry, the government has given concession of duties and taxes to over 100 new types of CNG machinery, compressors and allied apparatus as admissible under amended SRO 38(I)/98.

In this regard, the Central Board of Revenue (CBR) has included these CNG machinery, compressors and allied equipment in the list of concessionary notification ie SRO 38 for extending duties/taxes concession to importers.

The Central Board of Revenue (CBR) has included more Chinese, Italian, Korean, New Zealand, Switzerland, German, Argentina, Thailand, Brazilian, USA, Austrian, Japanese and Canadian made items like CNG compressors and related equipment in the list of exempted items through amendments in the SRO 38(I)/98 issued here on Tuesday.

Sources said that the government is making serious efforts to promote CNG culture by setting up new CNG stations to generate employment.

The decision was taken to popularise the use of environment-friendly motor vehicles fuel.

The exemption would be available on CNG kits and cylinders up to June 30, 2004, as per conditions laid down in the amended SRO 38(I)/98, whereas, CNG machinery and compressors are liable to 5 percent custom duty from November 1, 2002 to June 30, 2004, and these items would remain exempt from payment of sales tax.

The CBR has made amendments in Table-I, Table-II, Table-III, Table-IV and Table-V of the SRO 38(I)/98 for notifying exemption and also specified the models and types of the exempted items.

The CBR has used powers conferred by section 19 of the Custom Act, 1969 (IV of 1969) and clause (a) of sub-section (2) of section 13 of the Sales Tax Act, 1990 to notify exemption.

Following is the text of the notification issued here on Tuesday:

SRO (I)/2003.- In exercise of the powers conferred by section 19 of the Customs Act, 1969 (IV of 1969), and clause (a) of sub-section (2) of section 13 of the

Sales Tax Act, 1990, the Federal Government is pleased to direct that the following further amendments shall be made in its Notification No SRO 38(I)/98, dated the 21st January, 1998, namely:

In the aforesaid Notification –

(1) in Table-I, after Serial No 25 in column (1) and the entries relating thereto in columns (2), (3) and (4), the following new serial numbers and the entries relating thereto shall be added, namely:

=========================================================================  "26.  Norwalk Company            C75-3,              Lloyd's Quality Tech        Inc,                       C150-4,             LLC, Bureau Veritas,        USA                        NQSV3                                ABS  27.   Hurricane, Grimmer         CNG9O,                              -do-        Industries,                CNG 125,        USA                        CNG25O,                                   CNG 65  28.   RIX Services Ltd,          2JJS3G-178,           Lloyd's, SGS, ABS,        New Zealand                2JJS3G-34L,               Bureau Veritas        FX- 150,                                   3KX3G-40,                                   6W5G- 150,                                   21S3G-XX1 34,                                   2JJS3G-225,                                   2JSD-877,                                   3KX3G-24  29.   Prescon Technology,        PTL 4V4/730,                        -do-        New Zealand                3W-315-100                                  (P.T. 3D3-15-                                   90-A),                                   3W-3 15-                                   90(P.T.3D3-                                   8.90-A).                                   1 OOSIX,                                   3D31516/60,                                   50S1x,                                   3D315/81100,                                   6K.508/80/650  30.   Intermech Ltd              Rhino PAR-                          -do-        New Zealand                75VE4-8                                   Rhino PAR-                                   1 OODE4-82                                   Rhino PAR-                                   150DE4-10                                   Rhino PAR-                                   125DE4-10                                   Rhino PAR-                                   1 25DG4-82                                   Rhino PAR-                                   125DG4-10                                   Rhino PAR-                                   150DG4-10  31.   Unigas,                    Apollo VR-550                       -do-        New Zealand.  32.   Gasman Industries          Gasman 400W-                        -do-        Ltd                        A        New Zealand                Gasman 400W-                                   W  33.   CompAir UK Ltd ,           Oazpack 36,                         -do-        UK.                        Gazpack 37,                                   5436MK11,                                   VHP 36  34.   Belliss & Morcom           H430H-WL,                           -do-        Subsidiary of Gardner      H280H-WL,        Denver,                    V13OH-WL.        UK, (New Name).        Ham worthy, Bellis &        Morcom UK, (Old        Name).  35.   Sulzer Burckhardt          C4U111S,                            -do-        Engineering Works,         C5U2145,        Switzerland.               C5U1-11GPX,        C5U214-LGP  36.   JordAir Compressor         H-302,                              -do-        Inc, Canada.              M302  37.   1MW Industries Ltd         1MW 50   Lloyd's, SGS, ABS        Canada                     Bureau Veritas  38.   Safe s.r.1,                SW75SE-F1-        -do-        Italy                      EM                                   SW 110SE-Fl-                                   EM                                   SW 110F1-EM                                   SWL32F1-EM                                   SW90F0, 35-                                   EM  39.   Paget srl,                 EL110W,                             -do-        Italy.                     EL75W,                                   EL132W  40.   Idro Meccanica,            DDE 13                              -do-                                   Italy  41.   SICOM,                     650.250.20-                         -do-        Italy.                     IFDE-23SE                                   650.21/4  42.   Nuovo Pignone,             BVTN/2 P15,                         -do-        Italy.                     2BVTN/2 P30,                                   4BVTN/2 P30,                                   2BVTN/3 P70,                                   4BVTN/3 P70,                                   2BVTN/4 P100,                                   4BVTN/4 P100,                                   2BVTN/4 P120,                                   4BVTN/4 P120,                                   2BVTN/4 P150,                                   4BVTN/4 P150,                                   4BVTNI4 P210,                                   4BVTN/4 P250  43.   Sichuan Jinxing            ZW-3.45/250                         -do-        Environmental              JX,        Protection Science &       ZW-5.011-250,        Technology Co Ltd,         ZW-5.52/0.56-        China.                     250-JX,ZW-       (New Name)                  2.2/1-250-JX,                                   ZW-2.35/1-250-        Chengdu Jinxing            JX,        Chemical Machinery         ZW-3.22/1-250-        & Equipment Factory,       JX,        China.                     ZW-3.6/1-250-       (Old Name)                  JX,                                   D-1.65/1.7-250,                                   ZW-4.710.56-                                   250-JX,                                   ZW-5.7/0.56-                                   250,                                   ZW-6.2/0.55-                                   250  44.   Chonqing Air               L-3.811-250                         -do-        Compressor Factory,        L-3/1.250        China.                     L-5/0.56-256 &                                   L.2.9/0.56-250                                   L-4.65/0.56-                                   250JX  45.   Symygazmas,                AGNKS M-45                          -do-        Ukraine                    AGNKS 60                                   AGNKS 75.  46.   Sulzer, India.             C5U214.IGP                          -do-  47.   Bauer,                     C 25.0-37                           -do-        Germany                    C 25 0-45                                   C 28.0-90                                   C 28.0-75  48.   CompAir Mahle              5409.2.NE.EU                        -do-        GmbH, Germany.  49.   LMF,                       V-17/5518 L30         Lloyd's, SGS, ABS,        Austria                                              Bureau Veritas  50.   Ariel, USA (Packager:      JGM, JGN,                           -do-        CNG Galileo S.A            JGQ, JGP        Argentina, as Model        Micro skid & Micro        box)  51.   ASPRO GNC,                 10DM 115-4R-                        -do-        Argentina.                 G                                   IODM 115-4RR                                   IODM 11 5-4R-                                   R  52.   Kwangshin Machine          GEO-A 150                           -do-        Industry Company           GEO-B 200        Limited,                   GEO-C 300        Korea  =========================================================================

(2) in Table-Il, after Serial No 20 in column (1) and the entries relating thereto in columns (2), (3) and (4), the following new serial numbers and the entries relating thereto shall be added, namely:-

=========================================================================  "21.  ANGI International,        BH-38.              Lloyd's Quality Tech        LLC,                       MCDS-50                 LLC, ABS. Bureau        USA.                       MCDS-2                           Veritas  22.   Tulsa Gas                  7000 Series            Lloyd's, SGS, ABS        Technologies Inc                                     Bureau Veritas        Oklahoma        USA  23.   Universal, EPSCO.          5100-7100                           -do-        Inc        USA  24.   Prescon Technology,        DF200 3PTP                          -do-        New Zealand                CF200 3PTP                                   AF200 3PTR                                   DAMRZ/FF-                                   3/DX4                                   DAMK2JRE3-                                   SX                                   DAM3ZJR3DX                                   DAM/RZ/FE3/                                   DX                                   C-25  25.   RIX Services Ltd,          3LED-2,                             -do-        New Zealand.               3LEDI,                                   C-25,                                   SMC 1201,                                   4R-20  26.   Intermech,                 DIP-20D2                            -do-        New Zealand.               DIC Series  27.   Compac,                    DAMRZ/FE3/D                         -do-        New Zealand                X,                                   8P-P3COM 16-                                   D,C-25,                                   SLI-4.-V, DIR-                                   2HE 16,                                   P-3-MF- 17,                                   PCNGD,                                   C 4000, KG-25,                                   L3COML6D.3                                   WSS,                                   LE-3-KG-25D,                                   LE-3-KG25,                                   P-3BEDD-PAK,                                   N2S5425,                                   LGD3KG2OD  28.   Natural Energy             3-BEDD HS                           -do-        Resources Ltd, New         Code 8479,        Zealand                    C-25  29.   Gasman Industries,         D 2003,                             -do-        New Zealand                DF 2003  30.   Hamworthy, Bellis &        Model D-25                          -do-        Morcom,                    ES12/AIN-2        UK  31.   JordAir Compressor         GFP-2-3600-TC                       -do-        Inc                        D-38 5260        Canada  32.   Fueling Technologies       CNG-5260                            -do-        Inc Ffl Canada  33.   1MW Industries, Ltd        1MW 3000            Lloyd's, SGS, Bureau        Canada                     Series                           Veritas                                                                        ABS  34.   Safe s.r.l, Italy          ESP-22/2                             -do                                   ESP-22/3  35.   Paget,                     WT/22                               -do-        Italy  36.   SICOM,                     DPG                                 -do-        Italy  37.   Idro Meccanica,            RHE DZO3                            -do-        Italy  38.   Bray, China (Mass          BT-20                               -do-        flow meter, Danfoss,        Denmark).  39.   Chongqing Air Gas          JQJ-DH-II,                          -do-        Compressor                 JQJ-C-II        Machinery &        Equipment China  40.   Chongqing Silian           CNG 211 A,                          -do-        Dispenser                  CNG III A        Manufacturing Co Ltd,        China  41.   Sichuan Jinxing            HJQJ                                -do-        Environmental        Protection Science &        Technology Co Ltd        China       (New Name)        Chengdu Jinxing        Chemical Machinery        and Equipment, China       (Old Name)  42.   Beijing Chang Kong         JYQ-W20                             -do-        Machinery Company        Limited, China  43.   GNC GALILEO,               EM-98/S                             -do-        S A                        EM-981B        Argentina  44.   ASPRO GNC                  AS 120S1                            -do-        Argentina                  AS 120D  45.   OYRSA,                     ALFA-2001                           -do-        Argentina  46.   Kraus Global Inc           DAM 3CHM                            -do-        Canada        Approved vide HDIP        letter No CNG-DEV-        7(69)/03 dated 02-08-2003  47.   Kraus Global Inc           DAM 3 CHM                           -do-        Canada  48.   Hans Brochier              CNG 2-II-IR-                        -do-        GHMBH & Co KG              3ERK        Germany  =========================================================================

(3) in Table-III, after Serial No 16 in column (1) and the entries relating thereto in columns (2), (3) and (4), the following new serial numbers and the entries relating thereto shall be added, namely:-

=========================================================================  "17.  UEF Chesterfield,          BS 5045, Part-I          Lloyd's, Bureau        UK.                        1982,                  Veritas, SOS, ABS                                   DOT 3AA                              BIE                                   ASME Boiler                                   and Pressure                                   Vessel code                                   Section VIII,                                   BS EN 1964-1,                                   EN 1964-1,                                   ISO 9809-                                   1:1999,                                   ISO 9809-2:                                   2002,                                   IRAM 2526-                                   1997  18.   CTCO,                            -do-                          -do-        UK.  19.   Mesco,                           -do-             Lloyd's, ABS, SGS        UK                                                   Bureau Veritas  20.   Dual Fuel Systems,               -do-                          -do-        UK  21.   Worthington Heiser,              -do-                          -do-        Austria  22.   Dalmine spa,                     -do-                          -do-        Italy  23.   Faber Industries,                -do-                          -do-        Italy  24.   YM,                              -do-                          -do-        China  25.   Beijing Tianhai                  -do-                          -do-        Industrial Co China  26.   Chengdu Jinxing                  -do-                          -do-        Chemical Machinery        & Equipment Factory,        China  27.   Taylor-Wharton Gas               -do-                          -do-        Equipment Division        USA  28.   Thailand Institute of            -do-                          -do-        Science & Technology        Research,      Thailand  29.   Nippon High Pressure             -do-                          -do-        Co        Japan  30.   Everest Kanto                    -do-                          -do-        Cylinder (EKC) India  31.   Inflex,                          -do-                          -do-        Argentina, SA  =========================================================================

(4) in Table-IV, after Serial No 6 in column (1) and the entries relating thereto in columns (2), (3) and (4), the following new serial numbers and the entries relating thereto shall be added, namely:-

=========================================================================  7.    Faber Industries,          NZS 5454-1989            Lloyd's, Bureau        Italy.                                            Veritas, ABS, SGS  8.    Dalmine spa,                     -do-                          -do-        Italy  9.    Worthington Cylinder,            -do-                          -do-        Austria  10.   Everest Kanto                    -do-                          -do-        Cylinder Ltd, India       (EKC)  11.   Inflex,                          -do-                          -do-        Argentina  12.   Beijing Tianhai                  -do-                          -do-        Industrial Co, (BTIC),        China.  13.   Cilbras,                         -do-                     -do-; and        Brazil  =========================================================================

(5) in Table-V, after Serial No 20 in column (1) and the entries relating thereto in column (2), the following new serial numbers and the entries relating thereto shall be added, namely:

21. Impco, USA.

22. Landi Renzo, Italy.

23. Tartarini, Italy.

24. Landi Auto Kits, Italy.

25. Emnie Gas, Italy.

26. Lovato, Italy.

27. Blue Runner, Italy.

28. Bi-Gas, Italy.

29. Stefnilli, Italy.

30. Badini, Italy.

31. BRC, Italy.

32. LO Gas SRL CNG Kit, Italy.

33. OMVL (Manual), Italy.

34. Auto gas Italia S.R.L. Model MT 132 (Manual & Electronic), Italy.

35. Salustri, Model No GS-2000, GS-93, Argentina.

36. OYRSA CNG Kit, Argentina.

37. Conver Tech CNG Kit, USA & Argentina.

38. Sprint Gas Kit, Austria.

39. Ozone Conversion Systems, Pakistan (Prototype).

40. Zoni, Model No XWIII, China.

41. Phoenix, Model No CYTZ-100, China.

42. Shahab Auto Gas CNG Kits, Iran.

43. Voltran CNG Conversion Kit, Turkey.

44. Tomasetto Achille, Argentina.

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