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Information Technology and Accountants' Education

Tradition-bound accountancy profession is under threat. The threat, in an IT environment, comes from non-accountants, whether business graduates with IT skills or IT experts. These competitors are now the preferred employees of the accountancy firms worldwide. In the SAFA region too as business, finance, trade and even governments move forward to adopt IT as a mode of conducting their business, the professional accountant is only able to hold his/her own provided he/she exhibits necessary knowledge and skill in IT.

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Down and dirty: Corporate America v IASB

As the battle commences, Glenn Cheney reports on the concerns of US businesses about the IASB’s project on stock options.

Never let it be said that accountants lack guts. The nascent International Accounting Standards Board, still wet behind the ears, barely toddling on its own, has taken up the hottest accounting controversy in the world, one which could well make or break the Board.

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