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Interpreting and Applying IAS 11 – Construction Contracts

Interpreting and Applying IAS 11 - Construction Contracts

The interpretation and application of an accounting standard could be a complex task especially in those cases where a slightly different interpretation could lead to materially different financial results. The most difficult part of an accountant’s work life is to accurately apply the accounting standards without compromising on the fair presentation of financial data and that’s a skill which needs ...

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ACCA joins hands with Nayatel, awards approved employer accredition

Acca Pakistan Nayatel Employer Accredition

KARACHI (February 01, 2015) – ACCA Pakistan recently awarded Nayatel (Pvt) Ltd. with employer accreditation in a ceremony held in Islamabad. ACCA’s global programme is awarded to employers who meet high standards for training and developing their employees and show a commitment towards supporting the ongoing development of their ACCA employees. Sajjeed Aslam, head of ACCA Pakistan, presented Nayatel with ...

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ACCA and University of Peshawar sign MoU for advancement of finance profession

ACCA Pakistan and Peshawar University sign MoU

KARACHI (13 November 2014) – ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and University of Peshawar have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for promotion and academic enhancement of Accounting and Finance profession in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). The MoU will be beneficial for the University of Peshawar’s students who now will be able to avail exemptions for their different programmes ...

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Why Islamic banking?

Islamic banking is based on Sharia that prohibits ‘riba’. According to religious scholars it means both usury and interest, and ‘gharar’, that signifies ambiguity, uncertainty, or lack of specificity in terms of a financial contract.

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Update Your Resume Regularly

It seems a simple thing to keep your resume updated. But it isn't. You perform so many unique projects in the Big4 that if you don't keep track of them, you may lose sight of all your accomplishments when you are preparing a new resume. Time and again, I have to pull the information out of my clients as to why they are special.

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How to Answer ANY Interview Questions

Getting the resume ready is the easy part. Preparing for the interview… well that’s another matter. You can learn to answer any questions that comes your way by learning how to direct the conversation to the topics you want to discuss.

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Your Cover Letter Sells You

Everyone has always been told not to judge a book by its cover. If this is the rule, then what makes you want to read a book? Of course you are going to look at the cover to decide if you are interested in the rest of the book. You may also flip to the back cover of the book to read a brief summary of the book.

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Limited Liability Partnerships

Professionals are aware of the fact that Companies' Ordinance, 1984 requires partnerships to be registered under section 14 where the number of partners exceeds 20 and the object of such partnership is acquisition of gain. However, since independence or even at the time of promulgation of Companies' Ordinance, 1984, no body bothered to put cross references in Partnership Act, 1932.

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Non-Banking Finance Companies

There are different types of institutions involved in providing financial services, which include commercial banks, development financial institutions (DFIs) and non-banking finance companies (NBFCs). Unlike DFIs that have a specified objective at priority besides efficient business conduct, NBFCs are formed purely with commercial objectives.

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