Over 1000 units blacklisted for Sales Tax law violation

ISLAMABAD (September 27 2003): The Central Board of Revenue (CBR) has blacklisted over 1000 suspected units allegedly involved in the business of flying/fake invoices or committing serious violations under the Sales Tax Act, 1990.

Sources told Business Recorder here on Friday that the CBR has compiled 11 new lists of such units falling in the jurisdiction of Large Taxpayer Unit (LTU), Karachi, Karachi (East and West), Hyderabad, Quetta (Hub), Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala and Faisalabad.

The lists have been compiled on the basis of data provided by Sales Tax Information System working under the Sales Tax Department.

These include manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers, service providers, traders, enterprises, electrical units, footwear units, stainless steel units, cargo services, furniture shops, industrial units, hosiery units and other categories of taxpayers.

The CBR has dispatched the lists to respective collectorates of sales tax to verify the data with the record available with the regional offices. In case of any discrepancy, the collectors should inform about the latest status of such suspected units to the Board.

Moreover, the lists including sales tax registration numbers have also been dispatched to the Incharge Computers so that the computer department could independently verify the sales tax related data of the blacklisted persons.

Sources said that the newly established 'Starr' automation refund system has collected enough data which would be instrumental in conducting audit to hunt persons involved in the business of fake invoices.

The CBR has already decided that the buyer of fake invoices would be held responsible for commercial tax fraud.

The authorities are making all-out efforts to check fake/flying invoices through centralised information system.

The data pertaining to the registered taxpayers helps in detection of persons allegedly involved in issuance of fake invoices.

Following are the names of suspected units belonging to Collectorate of Sales Tax, Gujranwala:
Ibrar International,
Abdul Karim,
Active Traders Pvt Ltd,
Adil Metal Industries,
Afzal Traders,
Al-Mustafa Engg.,
Al-Rehman Traders,
Alba Gas Industries,
Ali Brothers Metal Works,
Ali Raza Metal Works,
Ali Traders,
Allah Tawakal Metal,
Amin & Brothers Gas Industries,
Amir Silk Factory,
Anwar Aluminium Works,
Anwar Melamine,
Apachi Footwear,
Ashraf Industry,
Asian Enterprises,
Aurangzeb Iqbal,
Awan Impex Pvt Ltd,
Azim Corporation,
Basam Metal Works,
Best Embroidery,
Bhatti Brother's,
Big Show & Co,
Bilal and Company,
Bindoo Industries,
Binum Leather Ind.,
Bismillah Furniture,
Biswill Industries Pvt Ltd,
Capital Electrical Industry,
Capital Industry,
Capsi Barbar,
Ch. Muhammad Hussain Associates (Pvt) Ltd,
Chittan Gas Industry,
Classic Sanitary Fittings Industry,
Clifton Traders,
Concerto Engineering Company,
Continental Engineering Industries,
Crescent Agencies,
Dadins Engineerings (Pvt) Ltd,
Dawn Corporation,
Deco Industries,
Diamond Plastic Industry,
E-2 International,
Ehsan Electrical Industry,
ESS & ENN Enterprises,
Export Trade Corporation,
Faisal Corporation (Marvi Washing Machine),
Fasco Sports (Pvt) Ltd,
First Cargo Services,
Friend Traders,
GFO Trade Associates,
Global Metal Trading Company,
Glorious Pak Industries,
Gohar Enamelled,
H. S. Industry,
Hafeez Metal Works,
Hafiz & Brothers Industries,
Hafiz Crockery Store,
Haji Mohammad Saeed Yarn Dealer,
Haji Shah Muhammad & Sons,
Hamayyon Metal Works,
Hammad Brothers Industry,
Hassin Hosiery,
Hazir International,
He'ra Surgico,
Ibrahim & Co,
Imran Sanitary Fitting,
International Metal works,
Ishfaq Garments,
Ishfaq Industries,
Ittefaq Material Store,
Ittefaq Trading Corporation,
Ittehad Electrical Company,
Javed Gloves Industries,
KA. TE. Traders,
Kamran Autos,
Karam Traders,
Kashif Traders,
Khalidsons Sports (Pvt) Ltd, Khokhar Paint & Warnish,
Leather Leaves (Pvt.) Limited,
Leeder Industries,
Luminar Melamineware,
M. Nawaz, M. Akram Industry,
M. N. Enterprises,
M. S. Brothers,
Masha Allah Enterprises,
Mashallah Furniture Centre,
Mechanical Works,
Med See Enterprises,
Mehboobia Trading Company,
Mehrish Industries,
Metal Industries,
Moon Star Industries,
Mughal Corporation,
Mughal Enterprises,
Muhammad Alam & Son Melamine Industries,
Muhammad Alam Sons (Washing Machine),
Muhammad Ashraf Stainless Steel,
Muhammad Khalid Industry,
Muhammad Saleem Industries,
Mushtaq Ali, Muslim Packages,
Mustafa International Tradeways,
Mustam Motors,
Naseer Plastic Works,
Nasir Traders,
Naushahi Traders,
New Green Palace,
New United Auto Parts,
Orion Decent Melamine,
P. I. Bhatti & Co,
Paika Electrical Industry,
Pak Can Factory,
Pak Kashmir Metal Works,
Pak Punjab Mechanical Works,
Pasha Industries,
Phesant Trade Link International,
Prime Hosiery,
Prince Malmine,
Prince Trades,
Qaisar Electrical Industry,
Quench Age,
Qureshi Malamine Industry,
R. S. T. Sons,
Rafiq Enamelled,
Rahima International Trading Co,
Rehman Chemical (Paint & Varnish),
Rehman Gas, Ruby Metal Works,
S.A. International, S.A. Gull Industries,
S.B.K. International Trading Co,
S. Muhammad Hussain & Sons,
S. Moinuddin & Brothers,
S. S. Fabrics,
S. S. Packages,
Saeed Industry,
Sage Enterprises,
Saima Traders,
Sajanka Plastic Industries,
Sajjad Impex,
Sar Enterprises,
Serfaraz Industries,
Serfraz Industries,
Seven Brother Enterprises,
Shafi & Company,
Shaheen China,
Shaheen Idrees Industry,
Shahid Products,
Shahzad Star Industries,
Sheikh Nadeem E/Industry,
Shoaib Metal Works,
Siddique Metal Works,
Silver Star Metal Works,
Silver Star Paint Industries,
Sitara Package,
Sitara Steel Engg.,
Speedy Forwarders,
Sports Aid Movement,
Star Sariyer,
Super Asia Agencies,
Super One Gas Industry,
Taiba Enterprises,
Tariq Munir Traders,
Tariq Rizwan Enterprises,
Tiger Enterprices,
Tri Star Plastic Industry Triple Brothers,
Two Star Enterprises,
U. M. P. Corporation,
Umar Industry,
United Holding,
United Packages,
Universal Traders,
Usama Engineering Co,
Waseem Corporation,
Welcome Packages,
White Star Malamine Industry,
Wood E Wood Impex,
Yadgar Plastic,
Yasin Traders,
Younis Electric Industries,
Yousif Electric Industries,
Zaffar Ullah Steel Works,
Zaheer Sanitary Fittings,
Zahid International Traders,
Zapy Foot Wear,
Zeshan Industries,
Zia Stainless Steel Industries,
Ali Brothers,
Madina Enamalled,
New Mughal Stainlas Steel,
Rolex Meta,l and
Yaqu Enamelled.

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