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why not topic on Islam
09-27-2003, 03:46 AM
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why not topic on Islam
I can’t understand why people ask to stop the religious topic, a member ask to stop the topic due to the non-Muslims. But I am sure non-Muslims don’t mind for the topic on Islam because we are not criticising their religious. I am studying for Fsc 1st year (pre- medical) in Gordon collage Rawalpindi and I have too many non-Muslims friends and two of them are studying for BA 3rd year. You’ll surprise that they have got Islam Study subject as an optional. Even they are not Muslim but they are studying Islamiat as well.

I can understand Pervez’s message regarding stop the Islamic topic, because he actually don’t want Islamic topic on the forum because he think ‘Islam is sensitive topic. But I have read pervez and i think he know enough about Islam, I have read his reply on ‘difference between Muslims and non-Muslims finance. As concern ophelstar about ‘marnai kay baad kaya hoogaa’ that book is to let you know that if you will not obey the God’s order then what will happen to you at the day of Qayamaat. Yes opheltar Allah is ‘Rehman’ but for those who shall obey his order, God is ‘Rehman’ but for those who shall fallow the way of his messenger (Hazrat Muhammad PBUH). We do all bad things, we drink alcohol, we go to pubs we spend our nights in nigh clubs, we don’t obey God’s command, we don’t go for pray we like eurpean style of living and we want to live like them. And then we think we’ll go in Paradise…………. God prepare paradise for those people who’ll follow the way of his Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). I believe all muslims’ll go in to paradise but having punishment of their sins. So my friend if you don’t wana write on Islam don’t write but don’t stop others to do so. Might be due to writing on Islam, God award you paradise when you’ll die. Don’t criticise other (on the topic of Islam) until you have enough knowledge of Islam. I have observed people never mind on other kind of Fazool topic like Love marriage or arrange marriage, are you intelligent, working women or house wife etc etc etc. Are these accounting topics?????. And when someone writes on Islam then people continue to screaming O ho this is an accounting forum don’t write on Islam Why?????? Did any one say anything like this is accountancy forum about above useless topics? No nobody said to stop that useless topics (love marriage or arrange marriage, are you intelligent, working women or house). And general discussion forum says ‘Discuss whatever you like’ it is not only for accountancy.

Even I am not studying in accounting as I have mentioned that I am studying for Fsc pre-medical but I found this forum interesting due to the general discussion.

Note - I am not criticising any one

comments most welcome

Edited by - shan on Sep 27 2003 125841 AM
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09-27-2003, 06:11 AM
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Hey mate,
The forum of this site is not just limited to accountancy profession, there is some confusion among the members, if somebody has interest in Accounting and Audit then i m surprised why does he enter into the General Discussion................ ?????
so dont mind, you can discuss "Whatever you like" as it is permitted by the "Admin" of this site, and if "Admin" doesn't have any problem then donot care about others.
as in my opinion, this site is designed in a way which shows an intelligent working behind the scene.
cheer up ...........

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09-30-2003, 04:21 AM
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i agree wid shan and smr,good shot on ****** people fellows.................

'Aucklemund kai leyai eshaara he kafee hai'

1)i hate english because i cant write

2)i hate rich people because i am poor

3)i dont want islamic topic in this forum because.................................. (this line is for thoese who dont want islamic topic.

no comments plz
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