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To Greatkhan sir, kamran sir and other seniors
06-16-2010, 01:28 AM
Post: #16

Awais; I think I couldn't explain it well. Let me try it again. Basically, please read my above post again. I am simply saying that background knowledge of a professional accountant from Pakistan is more than enough to understand any mid-level accounting software or ERP. Yes, he can get command on any advance accounting system. But it takes few months and personal interest. There are always two kind of people. One who have interest in computers/ computerized systems and other who do not like computers. Later are usually very senior and settled professionals. Then there is personal likeness to learn new technologies/ systems/ software, as well as need to learn them for job point of view. Personal dynamics plays a role.

In essence, professional accountant can easily learn new software, if he already does not know. Again, its not a big deal. Its not a rocket science. By the way, most of professionals from Pakistan I met with, whether in Pakistan or in Canada, either already knew accounting software or learnt it quickly.

Khuram; Accounting software/ systems are tools for accountants to perform their job, but most of the time not the actual job. Vast majority of people only use these as user only. They don't need to debug or troubleshooting except at very minor level. Things like primary key, join tables, sort, array, delete, field or record, table structures, form querries are not much difficult to understand for a professional accountant at user level. Again, it depends on personal likeness/ dislikeness and need to learn for the job also. Young or mid-age professionals who use it at work usually have backgroud knowledge of software, relationship and working of its various modules i.e. how a transaction updates records in various modules (A/P, A/R, GL etc.), how to and where to capture a record, and how to perform a computerize audit trail if need arises.

Discussion on education system would become very long, but on overall basis, I have trust on our educational institutes specially keeping in view of all obstacles and availabilities. Although there is always room for improvement for which we should be opened and prepared for.

By the way, in general sense, Pakistani qualifications, degrees and certificates are acceptable all over the world for further education. If they are not in any specific case, then there is a typical reason for that, which we should try to understand with its special context and reference. It does not mean that just because it is Pakistani education or because of our politicians acts, it is not acceptable. Though politicians' acts leave a bad impresion but are not the actual cause.

For example, reasons for non-acceptance of Pakistani CA or CMA in Canada are, (1) un-awareness about Pakistani education system/ qualifications by Canadian employers (2) more trust on Canadian education system/ qualification (3) lack of easy portability from Pakistani CA/CMA to Canadian accounting designations because there is no direct mutual recognition agreement between bodies (4) more stingent CANADIAN EXPERIENCE requirement, which new immigrants lack (5) cultural and communication skills differences etc. etc.

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