Maladministration delays transfer of 6,000 cases to RCITs

ISLAMABAD (November 04 2002) : The maladministration at Regional Commissionerates of Income Tax has delayed the processing of over 6,000 income tax cases of leading sectors of Karachi.

Out of 6,625 cases, only 481 cases were transferred from Regional Commissioner of Income Tax, Southern Region, Karachi to Regional Commissioner of Income Tax (RCIT), Corporate Region, Karachi.

These cases were required to be transferred as per CBR's jurisdiction order issued on September 17, 2002, but non-transfer of over 6,000 cases till now shows mismanagement of the tax machinery at regional level.

The lack of co-ordination among the RCITs was evident from the fact that one RCIT of Karachi has approached CBR to intervene and direct other RCITs, Karachi to comply with the Board's orders, sources added.

The cases of the following 12 sectors are yet to be transferred; Members of Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE); vendors of engineering sector; manufacturers of audio/video and their distributors; cable manufacturers; beverage/mineral water; builders, developers, contractors; confectioners/hotels/restaurants; film-makers, drama makers, studio business, stevedoring, bulk storage, tank terminal, petroleum and natural gases, packages, vegetable ghee and oil and spinning, dyeing, bleaching.

The Regional Commissioner of Income Tax (RCIT), Corporate Region, Karachi has expressed serious concern over the delay in transfer of income tax cases by the Regional Commissioner of Income Tax, Southern Region, Karachi to the RCIT Corporate Region.

In a compliant lodged to the CBR, the RCIT, Corporate Region Karachi has pointed out that the progress vis-à-vis transfer of cases was highly unsatisfactory. It appears that the cases would not be transferred without the CBR's strict orders, the compliant added.

This extraordinary delay has stopped the data-entry of these returns, transfer of tax paid u/s 54, change of NTN Zonal and Circles Code, scrutiny of returns for the purpose of Self-Assessment Schemes (SAS) and feeding of returns for Electronic Stock Registers.

The CBR must intervene into the matter and issue necessary instructions to the RCIT, Southern Region Karachi for immediate compliance, RCIT, Corporate Region added.

The CBR has issued directive to the RCIT, Southern Region Karachi to immediately transfer the cases to the concerned RCITs.

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