Train Your Enterprise to Execute Strategy: Creating a Strategic “Line of Sight”

The success of organizations that effectively implement strategy and get breakthrough results using the Balanced Scorecard demonstrates the critical importance of executing strategy throughout the organization. Executives must find a way to translate the strategy in a way that motivates individuals throughout the organization to make strategy everyone's everyday job.

Creating a Line of Sight
Organizations create individual awareness and commitment using training as an organizational change intervention. In effect, they create a ‘line of sight’ from the executive suite to the front line.

The leaders of an organization may have the best high-level vision and strategy in the world. But if they cannot find a way to communicate that vision, and more importantly translate the vision into how it impacts and affects the individual employees, these leaders will be unable to implement their strategy and achieve their vision.

Communicating Through Training
Before employees can help implement their organization’s strategy, they need to know about it and understand it. Our experience shows that the most effective way of communicating what the strategy means and how it impacts employees is to educate the employees on the strategy and what it means to them. Successful organizations have rolled out a well-defined and carefully integrated training program, focused on how to execute the strategy through use of Strategy-Focused Organization (SFO) principles.

Approach Your Training Program to Drive Success
Our research and experience with a wide range of organizations has uncovered a range of approaches to communicate strategy using training. Organizations use training to communicate the vision, describe the strategy, reorient their business process and set the stage for motivating individual commitment.

These organizations that have successfully communicated their strategy through training have learned that there are several critical factors in developing an effective training program.

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