Interviewing Your Interviewer

When preparing for an interview, most applicants practice responses to the questions they think they'll be asked. Perhaps equally important, however, is to prepare questions you plan to ask the interviewer. This is another way to demonstrate your knowledge and enthusiasm for the position, and it will help you decide if the job is right for you.

Before the meeting begins, develop a list of questions. Avoid asking about details such as salary and benefits; save these points until further along in the hiring process or until an offer has been extended. Instead, focus on the big picture and demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the opportunity.

Inquire about the company's five-year plan, including possibilities to expand or add new divisions. It's also important to know the challenges facing the industry the business serves and how those may affect your position. Ask how your job would fit into the firm's overall strategy and what you can contribute to make an immediate impact.

You can also learn a great deal from speaking with managers about their own experiences. Find out how long they have been with the company and the roles they have filled. In addition, request a description of the type of employee who will succeed with the organization and thrive in its corporate culture.

Conducting an effective interview of your own will impress the employer and enhance your prospects of being offered the job. You can also use the answers you receive to determine if the opportunity is the best match for you and your career.

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