Becoming a Superstar in Your Career

“Winning means … you're willing to go longer, work harder, give more than anyone else. ” – Vince Lombardi, Hall-of-Fame football coach

Every profession, from athletics to accounting, has its superstars. While their chosen career paths may differ, high achievers all possess similar attributes, including the desire to do whatever it takes to be the absolute best for their teams and themselves.

But superstardom isn't bestowed upon people; it's attained. To achieve peak performance in your position, start by defining your career objectives and committing to those goals, working both harder and smarter.

Following are some other tips for career success:

Keep your eyes on the prize. It's important to understand what you want to accomplish. Take actions that will help you reach your goals and reflect your core values.

Manage your time wisely. Identify which projects are most important and give them maximum effort. Focusing on these assignments will keep both your job and career moving forward.

Perfect your craft. Devote the work and energy it will take to become a top accounting professional, spending the necessary time and resources.

Think positively. Don't ignore or oversimplify problems, but don't be intimidated by them either. Instead, learn from your mistakes and keep improving.

Concentrate on the task at hand. Whether it's completing a daily assignment or striving for a promotion, avoid distractions and stay motivated to achieve your goals.

Know your strengths and weaknesses. Offer to help coworkers when they need your expertise and don't be afraid to ask for assistance when you're unsure of something.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. It's important to manage your physical and mental well-being. Stay in good shape, eat right and get the proper rest to keep your mind sharp and your energy high.

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