Using Temporary Work as a Job Hunting Tool

Companies of all sizes employ temporary workers as part of their business strategies. Many temporary and project professionals fill management- and executive-level positions.

Temporary work is also an effective tool for job seekers looking for a full-time opportunity. In fact, 94 percent of executives recently surveyed by Accountemps said they consider it valuable to hire employees on a temporary basis as a means of evaluating them for a full-time position.

Following are some of the ways project work can help you during your job search:
Ease financial pressure — Receiving a paycheck will help reduce money-related concerns, allowing you to be more selective when assessing job offers. At times, project specialists earn more than their full-time counterparts.

Narrow your job targets — Working in a variety of settings will help you evaluate your career interests and goals. You may also have access to firms you would otherwise not have had exposure.

Enhance your qualifications — Temporary positions provide opportunities to gain experience with a range of companies and industries, enhancing your resume and improving your marketability in the process. This can be especially valuable if you're looking to switch career fields.

Build your network — Each assignment you take will introduce you to new contacts who can help you in your career.

Boost your morale — Never underestimate the role having a business routine plays in keeping your spirits up. Succeeding on a temporary assignment will also give you additional confidence to meet new challenges.

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