Evaluating Whether to Move for a Job Opportunity

In a competitive job market, immediately jumping at the next employment opportunity can be tempting, even if it requires relocation. However, there are many aspects to consider before taking the plunge.

In a Robert Half International survey, 68 percent of chief financial officers polled said they would be unwilling to relocate to a different city in order to pursue a better job opportunity. The respondents cited compensation and standard of living comparisons as the factors most likely to affect their decision.

While it can provide a valuable career opportunity, moving to a new community is not without its share of personal challenges, particularly if it means leaving behind friends and family. As a result, many professionals are hesitant to accept a transfer or job offer without the guarantee of a sizable salary increase or an indication that the move would result in a significant improvement in their quality of life.

Following are a few questions to consider when assessing a relocation opportunity:

Are you evaluating the big picture? Make sure you’re not so enamored with one particular aspect of the package — the fact that the position is in Hawaii, for instance — that you overlook other issues, such as how well the job matches your career goals.

Do you really want to live there? Research the area to get a better understanding of whether it suits your lifestyle. Take into account issues such as the climate, housing costs and average commute time.

Can you afford to make the move? Clarify what portion of the relocation expenses, if any, the employer is willing to cover. Also check that the compensation offered will allow you to maintain your current standard of living, particularly if the new city is significantly more expensive.

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