Career Success Strategies

Business is constantly changing, and so are the demands placed on accountants. New challenges arise, niche specialties emerge and accounting procedures continue to evolve. However, there are some techniques that can help you thrive in any environment.

Following are some strategies for career success:

Stay up-to-date
Remain current on industry trends and prepare yourself for challenges you may face. Look for educational opportunities, such as earning an advanced certification, that enhance your expertise and sharpen new and existing skills.

Develop a career plan
Examine your interests, abilities and experiences, and think about what you consider your ideal job. Based on this information, determine your goals and develop a plan for reaching them.

Remember the big picture
Each career-related decision you make should support your ambitions. While you may need to make short-term sacrifices, keep your long-term goals in sight.

Bring value
Always try and go above and beyond your job description. Don't just do what's asked of you, think of other ways you can contribute to the success of the team.

Strike a balance
It's great to be a superstar but don't forget to recharge occasionally. Take breaks during the workday and use vacation time wisely. Taking time off will boost your productivity when you're back at the office.

Joining an accounting association, volunteering in the community or working with other departments in your company will expose you to new people who can aid your career growth. Professional contacts can offer advice, refer you to others in your field and provide job leads.

Learn from mistakes
It's not failure that defines people, it's how they react to it. If you hit a roadblock in your position, work your way through it and develop a strategy for avoiding the obstacle in the future.

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