Making Reference Checks Work for You

After you've submitted your resume and interviewed with prospective employers, what else will they need from you? If you're a finalist for the job, the chances are they'll ask you for the names of people who can attest to your strength as an employee. A survey from Accountemps found that executives typically speak with at least three references before considering an applicant for a position.

To avoid hiring mistakes, companies want to learn as much as possible about candidates before extending an offer. One way they accomplish this is by checking references. By submitting the names of people who will provide an accurate account of your skills and experience, you can increase your chances of securing the job.

Following are some tips for preparing your references:

  • Stack the deck in your favor. Develop a list of three to five contacts who are familiar with your work and would recommend you to others. Describe their connection to you (e.g., former boss) and the type of information each can provide.

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