Career Expert Cites 'In' and 'Out' Job Search Tactics

Just as tastes in clothing and music change over time, so do the preferences of hiring managers, notes Tracey Turner, executive director of The Creative Group. According to Turner, candidates who understand the current mindset of employers have an edge in the job hunt.

Turner says that more information is better than less when applying for jobs. “Employers are willing to spend added time reviewing resumes and cover letters, so these materials can be more detailed than in the past. Candidates also should be prepared for a lengthier interview process, including meetings with potential peers.”

Adds Turner, “Professionals must ensure their resumes reflect their achievements in former positions and illustrate all of the skills they bring to the table, since companies may be hiring one person to fill what was once several different roles.”

Following are job-hunting tactics that Turner says are “in” and “out” for 2004:



Using terms such as “team player” and “results-driven” Citing specific examples that demonstrate these sought-after traits

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