Auditioning for the Job

Finding the perfect job is never easy. And in today's competitive market, it can take time a fair amount of time and patience to secure your next career move. One way to get your foot in the door with a prospective employer is to audition for the job through temporary assignments.

Many companies are still somewhat reluctant to hire full time employees yet need to boost productivity. As a result, firms are often open to bringing in qualified professionals to fill the gap until they can be sure the work is ongoing. By pursuing these opportunities, you can demonstrate your qualifications each and every day you're on the job, which may prompt a hiring manager to transition the position to fill time. In the meantime, you get to know the company's culture and gain valuable skills and experience to add to your resume.

To get started, register with a temporary staffing service that specializes in your industry. Let the staffing manager know you are ultimately looking for a full-time position, so he or she can match you with employers who may be interested in a temp-to-hire arrangement. Also, be sure to discuss your salary and benefits requirements up front as well as your preferences in terms of company culture. This will help the firm identify a good match for you.

Once you've accepted a temporary assignment, it's important to get off to a good start. Following are a few tips to help you make the best impression:

Be prepared. Make sure you understand the goals and objectives for the assignment. If you are uncertain, clarify the expectations with your manager. In addition, learn as much as you can about the office's policies, procedures and etiquette so you can maximize your performance.

Accept additional responsibilities. Volunteer for new projects, even if they are outside your original assignment, and maintain a positive attitude.

Seek feedback. Talk to your managers and ask them for their comments. Stay open to guidance and constructive criticism.

Be confident. This is your chance to improve your skills and build your professional network. Think and act like a part of the team.

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