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Yeah I have also experienced that to some extent but I think largely having few exemptions doesn't affect much. I think employers don't welcome freely if you have exemptions beyond CT.

I don't know how you are placed with regards to Work Permit, i.e. do you need one to take up a position here. If you do then getting the actuarial job becomes very competitive as many employers are only looking for candidates who have no restriction to take up employment.

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No problems with the work permit - I'm a dual national.

Derivative trader, out of interest, how has the content of your degree course been academically - in the sense that are your exam papers based more on solving applied problems or have they focussed more on the pure/theoretical side of things ( proofs of statistical theorems, derivations etc.) ? I quite enjoy doing applied maths/stats problems, but I've hated the style of some of my Uni modules, the focus of which has been on the nitty gritty hard theorem-proof stuff.
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My courses have been more like nitty gritty hard theorem-proof stuff.
can any one tell me how to for start actuary being at karachi and which institute or firm is better for start in karachi considering that i have zero knowledge about actuary in pakistan because i am acuring this knowledge for my cousin who have just done his Fcom .Also send me the actuaries handbook or wok book what it is on my under given e_mail adress.

looking for your positive response and reply

Salam to everyone, I have been reading these forums for quite some time now, and see all the difficulties that everyone is going through. I suggest you check out this site, so that you can see how many people have advice for you that is suitable, also this iste is very good for getting information on reports about accounting!

Asalam o Alaikum
i m doing BE Textilez frm NED .I just gav my 3rd yr pprz.i wanna info. abt Acturial sciences.
plz ppl send me the whole info. to my e-mail address
i m student of CA(Module D). Would acturial Science suit me...?
i m student of ..can i do Acturial science after ?
hey can u plz send me actuarial handbook plz
i want to know that, is actuarial sciences application haram(in islam) in market, and what are the exactly particular jobs for my knowledge, actuaries application are only for life insurance and pension system.....please please someone help me...and pull me out of this confusion[(]
Acca is the best than all other qualifications.
hi im Kamran waiting for my O'level results. I want to do acturial sciences...the problem being i don't actually know how to get about with it. after my alevels i am going to Schulich in Toronto, Canada. I wanted to know what subjects should i take in Alevels to help me for this career? Apart from that i wanted to know tht if I go to Schulich, what should I study there that would help me for this career? Please help me.
I am a Student of MSc. Actuarial Sciences ,College Of Statistical & Actuarial Sciences, University Of The Punjab, Lahore.
I hope Every 1 is fine......i didnt read all the Posts.. but to some extent i read, i come to know no body realy has the knowledge abut that where in the Pakistan is Actuarial sciences is taught.. University of karachi(Jamia Karachi) is offering Bs in Acturaial sciences wheres the University of the Punjab is Offering Ms. in Actuarial Sciences. And u just need 14 years of degree of any type BA, BSc, Bcom and u have to clear the entry test of the department. For further details u can visit
i hope it will help u.
After the pass Exam p can i found easliy internship ?
i dont no what actuarial science is?
heared alot that its awesome but i dont know anything about it....
plz introduce it and tell its eligibility criteria
thank tou
what is acturial sciences and can i go for it after my ca intermediate?
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